Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Human Zoo

Gorillas, apes and orangutans doin strange thangs for change

monkeys and chimps in the game goin through hunger pains

don't go and cry wolf and get ate like the sheep

feines up all hours like fish with no sleep

and like the critters who creep they bite and they sting

they get you when ya eyes close for ya cream and ya bling

and like the birds who sing lies they try and make a nest

seem when pigs fly is when I'll get some rest

now the stork coming more than ever

gotta keep the mice away from the gouda and the cheddar

I got a jackass and an elephant both runnin for president

soldiers crushed like ants but some how thats irrelevant

if it's a doggy dogg world why they all chase the cat

I bet you neva seen a rhinoceros hit it from the back

you in the concrete jungle don't slip and stumble

better get ya paws right, dry ya nose, come out that tunnel

come out that hole come out ya cave

no animal or human should be used as slaves

lebron like a kangaroo dunkin in his bangin shoe

can't call it when the green eyed monster hatin you

bodies droppin like buffalo I don't wanna be extinct

so adapt to your environment and sleep light and don't blink......

My love for music....

If music was a woman, id have sex with her every night

The head is right, never fight, slow jams under the candle light

A track is just a tease but the LP is the whole thang

The intro is the foreplay and the outro is when we lay

And where I stay my favorite place windows media play

They seem to say the cheapest is way bootlegs but a bay bay

I gotta be faithful if it mean payin full price

I love music for the music and not the money like suge knight

Hip hop not dead but it has been lost at some cost

But who's boss? Lil wayne or Rick Ross? Jigga man who always floss?

It's a difference between hip hop and rap like flip flops and caps

But beef has plagues the lyrics so I just fast forward and skip tracks

See the lyrical content and spritaul bondage

is something that I admire So I gotta pay homage

a lot of ppl say the don't like rap is because you dnt understand or dont care?

And its not fair cuz everything I give a chance

I take a glance from everyones point of view

Why you do what you do with you and ya crew

So if reggaeton is ya cup of tea its find with me I dnt understand it but I respect it G

So respect what knowledge lyricist and rappers have to give don't knock it or stop it.

It's the voice of our ppl the movement of our generation. Its niggas plenty hatin

And its been many statements with wishes and expectations

For our reperations, we'll be celebrating, livin life famous….

I love music, the ppl who do and how the way it be done

From rappers rappin to how them songs be sung

So as I journey into this next chapter of life with music by my side

All I need is my mp3 player and I'm down for the ride